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"These People Ought to Know Who We Are and Tell That We Were Here"

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Spicy ramen, Arizona Iced Tea, and my last WTE paper of the semester. So close.

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No idea what to do with my life at the moment. And that’s after color-coding the rest of my undergrad years. Hope my future self looks back at all this and laughs….

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House of Mystery

Completely made my night- well, last night. But I’m still super happy about it! :) 

It was epic. No other word for it. 

Thank you so much, maitre d’. <3

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Have yet to find the perfect scent…

Charmed Life is my favorite, but only in comparison to the rest.

Black raspberry and vanilla triple moisture body cream is good but….has an incredibly strong fruity smell. Not enough vanilla. Should totally have gone with Secret Wonderland.

As for the new (now old) holiday scents, thought I’d love Strawberry Sparkler but it wasn’t as great as I thought it’d be. Peach Bellini smelled better but was also a bit of a disappointment. 

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Strawberry floats = perfection

Ate stale pita chips that expired three months ago…hope nothing happens.

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Four hours of cleaning/scrubbing/laundry/etc. and our room is completely clean. Now all I gotsa do is enjoy my onion rings and watch Harry Potter. Hehehe.

And I just realized—my RA left for the UK yesterday. So I’m basically on my own in a dorm that’s half empty. If I were a little crazier and whatnot, I could totally throw a kickass party. Instead, my wild side is telling me I should light my peppermint candle. Nah.